Modern dental braces in Alpharetta, GA: Smaller, sleeker for discreet and comfortable orthodontic treatment

At Bella Hanono Family Dentistry, maintaining and creating healthy, attractive smiles for you and your loved ones is a hassle-free, low-stress experience. There are many options available at our office in Alpharetta, GA to align unevenly-spaced teeth or to correct a family member’s “bite.” These options improve the appearance of your smile and the function of your teeth and gums. Orthodontic systems, such as dental braces, can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. And straight, evenly- and properly-aligned teeth are also easier to brush and floss than crowded, overlapped, or even gapped teeth.

Get to know modern braces

Braces are the conventional “go-to” for the correction of misaligned teeth or irregularities with how the opposing upper and lower teeth touch when you bite down, and to improve the function of mastication. Metal wires and brackets are attached to the teeth with small bands (o-rings). Together, these parts consistent, the gentle force on the teeth to realign them.

Today’s braces are designed to be small and sleek. Sophisticated, discreet systems and advanced materials are appreciated by both active kids, self-conscious teens, and busy professionals and parents alike.

While conventional “fixed” braces can only be adjusted and removed by your dental professional, these precision and routine adjustments are only required at around 6-week to 10-week intervals on average. We also recommend techniques and products that make it easy and efficient to effectively remove food particles that might otherwise become trapped between the small spaces created by braces. Orthodontic wax and manual adjustments can also help new braces-wearers get accustomed to brackets and wires, which may rub against or poke at the tissues inside of the mouth.

We mentioned “options” to straighten teeth from the get-go. In consultation with you, Dr. Hanono may find that clear aligners, such as Invisalign®, are an appropriate way to achieve straighter teeth and a balanced bite. These systems incrementally reposition teeth by using a series of transparent, lightweight oral appliances or aligner trays. Suitable patients for aligner treatment like that they can remove the trays for comfortable eating and for effective, no-hassle cleaning between teeth.

Additionally, as life partners in your family’s oral health, we consistently monitor how teeth are developing. Early myofunctional interventions with specialized oral appliance therapy, and exercises that alter damaging habits and promote healthy growth, maybe may be appropriate for young patients with developing mouths. Treatment starts with an evaluation at our office. Contact us to schedule your appointment.