Correct chips, gaps, and other cosmetic concerns with tooth bonding in Alpharetta, GA

“Whole” natural teeth that are healthy are the “best” teeth in terms of form and function; however, should chips, gaps, and other imperfections detract from the appearance of your smile, Dr. Bella Hanono can replicate the next best thing to natural and healthy teeth! From the Alpharetta, GA office of Bella Hanono Family Dentistry, she uses procedures such as cosmetic tooth bonding to rebuild portions of chipped, very stained, irregularly-shaped, gapped, and worn-down teeth. Using her mix of technical expertise and artistic skill, Dr. Hanono prepares a pliable dental material known as a composite resin to reconstruct the enamel. So, that material perfectly mimics the color, shape, size, and overall appearance of tooth structure.

We prepare both the composite resin as well as the natural tooth itself. Dental bonding is attractive because the natural tooth remains largely unaltered. No enamel is actually removed from the teeth to be treated. Porcelain veneers require the removal of a small amount of natural enamel. This allows for each veneer to be placed on the natural tooth in a way where it will fit perfectly, and look and feel natural. With bonding, the trouble teeth are simply “etched” or slightly texturized. This small step allows for the composite resin to better adhere to the tooth’s surface. Since there is so little preparation and no enamel is removed, bonding is considered a conservative and “reversible” procedure. It is also a well-tolerated treatment; with enamel intact, risks of sensitivity are minimized or eliminated. Once a thin layer of conditioning liquid has been applied, it’s time to place the new tooth material. This is the step where your dentist’s artistry shines. Depending on your needs, the pliable resin is shaped to:

  • Close gaps
  • Disguise chips and other surface imperfections
  • Camouflage very discolored teeth that resist professional whitening methods
  • Reshape an irregularly-contoured tooth
  • Add “height” to a short or worn-down tooth

After the bonded material is applied to correct your cosmetic concerns, your doctor uses a specialized curing device to harden or cement the putty-like resin to the tooth. The bonded material effectively becomes a part of your tooth. As a final touch, the teeth are polished and small refinements are made as needed.

Schedule your appointment at our office today to find out how cosmetic bonding can inject confidence into your smile. We can also discuss alternative treatments, such as porcelain veneers, or procedures that may be appropriate if you have more extensive functional and oral health needs. Those treatments could include lovely porcelain crowns, or a wide range of orthodontic systems to straighten teeth (such as Invisalign®).