Invisalign®: The removable, discreet alternative to braces in Alpharetta, GA

Metal brackets, fixed to teeth and threaded through wires, used to be the only path to straight teeth and a balanced smile. Orthodontics or other dental professionals would tighten the wires at different stages throughout treatment, which encourages repositioning of the teeth. Patients generally “re-learned” how to brush their teeth (around brackets and wires), and how to eat with metal hardware in their mouths.

While conventional braces remain a precision, effective way to correct poor bite and misalignment, Bella HanonoFamily Dentistry offers both traditional braces and modern alternatives from her office in Alpharetta, GA. Invisalign® represents one of those alternative treatments; specifically, it is among those systems that uses a series of removable oral appliances (or aligners) to gradually straighten teeth, comfortably and conveniently. Additionally, these aligners are made from see-through plastic. So, they don’t stick out in your mouth like conventional silver-colored metal hardware.

Your Invisalign® consultation awaits

Invisalign® treatment, like other orthodontic treatments, starts with an evaluation at our office. If Dr. Hanono thinks you are a great candidate for Invisalign®, she will use specialized software to create a digital model of your mouth. In fact, she can even show you how your smile will look at every stage of treatment, using computer simulation technology. This model also guides the fabrication of your aligner trays. Contact us today to get started!