For your health, keep routine screenings in Alpharetta, GA to prevent and proactively detect oral cancer

Dentists like Dr. Bella Hanono are often on the “front lines”of identifying problems that could have a big impact on your overall (systemic) health. During your appointment, Dr. Hanono will visually inspect for trouble signs. She’ll also feel for abnormalities by gently touching and examining your mouth, face, and head. She is looking for potential trouble signs that may warrant further investigation, such as facial asymmetry or droopiness, and unusual lumps, bumps, and swelling. Your dentist also assesses “function”; for instance, how you move your tongue. If necessary, specialist care may be necessary to rule out mouth cancers, or to start treatment quickly when it can be resolved effectively and non-traumatically.

Among these conditions, oral cancer has a high rate of successful treatment when detected and resolved early into the disease process. The team at Bella Hanono Family Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA, believes that the “Best form of Treatment is “Prevention.” Our routine screenings pinpoint abnormalities that may require further investigation at the office of an ear, nose, or throat doctor or other specialists. We also value our partnerships with patients; on an ongoing basis, our team discusses risk factors for cancers and other oral conditions. We work with you to manage or minimize those risks.

Usually, these check-ups are scheduled once every six months; however, if you are at risk of gum (periodontal) disease, tooth decay, or oral cancer, we will recommend more frequent appointments. You may be at an elevated risk of developing cancer on the lips, gums, tongue, insides of the cheeks, or roof and floor of the mouth if you:

  • Smoke or use products that contain nicotine, including smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes
  • Are a chronic or heavy drinker of alcoholic beverages
  • Exposure of your skin, including lips, to the sun for prolonged periods without using broad-spectrum sunscreen, or other forms of protection
  • Have a condition that affects your immune system
  • Test positive for the human papillomavirus (HPV)

While we can’t control all of our risk factors for oral cancers or other oral conditions, there are many controllable factors that we can eliminate or minimize to lower your risk of developing these potentially devastating diseases. No preventive, healthy approach would be complete without regular visits to your dentist! Contact Bella Hanono Family Dentistry today to schedule your appointment.