Whitening your teeth has never been safer or easier with convenient professional options in Alpharetta, GA

A brilliant smile is one of the most coveted physical traits. And no “attractive smile” would be complete without white, stain-free teeth! If the effects of time or a habitual coffee or tea habit have marred your teeth’ color, you are in luck by visiting this website!

We at Bella Hanono Family Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA, can lift years of cumulative stains from your teeth, predictably, evenly, comfortably, and quickly. We also offer both in-office whitening and home teeth whitening. Our patients appreciate these options, as we all have different preferences, schedules, and needs. Here, Dr. Hanono provides a taste of what to expect from either chairside “power” whitening or whitening trays applied from the comfort of home:

  • Whiten teeth at the office – Generally, in-office professional whitening involves applying a gel to isolated teeth. Preparing your teeth by isolating them from surrounding gums and tissues provides two-fold benefits: One, it facilitates effective, precision whitening that gets natural and even results. Two, this process protects surrounding structures and tissue from irritation and other damage. There is peace of mind knowing that you have a dental professional to oversee every aspect of treatment. Teeth whitening has never been safer!
  • Whiten teeth from the couch – Busy parents, worker bees, and other active types appreciate that we have a whitening treatment that suits their schedules. When worn as instructed by Dr. Hanono, customized whitening trays deliver potent gel to the teeth. Unlike the trays that you buy at the store, these fit your teeth precisely. So, they are comfortable. Precision fit also ensures that teeth are whitened evenly and thoroughly. You can be happy with the results. Speaking of which, we can get dramatic results from home whitening. Only whiter teeth are revealed gradually over days (rather than in a single appointment, as is the case with chairside whitening).

All whitening treatments start with an oral examination. Before moving forward with either home or office whitening, Dr. Hanono will confirm that your teeth and gums are healthy. She will also discuss options for teeth that resist bleaching, for instance, existing restorations such as crowns and deep, intrinsic or dark stains caused by substances such as antibiotics. Schedule your appointment today. Call (770) 343-4052.