When tooth extractions may be just what the dentist in Alpharetta, GA orders

Natural teeth that remain healthy are unmatched in terms of how they look, feel, function, and withstand biting forces. For this reason, tooth extractions are a last resort procedure at Bella Hanono Family Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA. However, there may be some situations where tooth extractions are essential to prevent severe complications and restore your quality of life and well-being. 

Impacted wisdom teeth

These third molars, or “wisdom teeth,” as they are commonly known, are not inherently dangerous or harmful. Problems arise with these back teeth when they do not erupt through the gums properly. Since these are the last teeth to develop, there may not be enough room for these molars in your mouth by the time they try to breakthrough. In turn, they can become partially or fully trapped in the bone underneath your gums. Impacted wisdom teeth can produce considerable pain and may damage surrounding teeth and oral structures. They tend to press up against the gums, which creates painful pressure and can affect surrounding teeth. 

Dr. Hanono monitors wisdom teeth. She watches how they are developing during check-ups. Problems are identified proactively. So, she can recommend removing the tooth before it produces pain that interferes with your ability to eat, sleep, work, or study. Be aware that not all wisdom teeth pose problems. Sometimes, only one or a few wisdom teeth poke through. Recommendations are based on your specific needs. We encourage you to get into a healthy habit of check-ups and professional cleanings at our office. 

Infected teeth 

Both gum disease and tooth decay are progressive conditions. We have many opportunities to catch these conditions before they threaten the integrity of your tooth. If the damage to the innermost part of your tooth is severe, Dr. Hanono may recommend root canal therapy. As with all treatments, though, root canal therapy cannot “save” every tooth. If we can’t rescue your badly infected tooth, it must be extracted as the damage will not resolve on its own. It can only get worse without treatment. Infections can spread to other parts of the body or become “systemic,” a medical emergency. 

We recommend that any teeth (besides wisdom teeth, which are not necessary for full, healthy function) be replaced promptly. Dr. Hanono is happy to discuss options for treatment with you, from bridges to implants. It would be presumptuous to do so, however, without scheduling an exam at our office. We may be able to save your aching or damaged tooth. Do not delay contacting us today at (770) 343-4052