Dental bridges in Alpharetta, GA fill the gaps between teeth to complete your beautiful smile

Bella Hanono Family Dentistry is pleased to offer so many different options for each type of treatment designed to improve how your smile looks, and the function and health of badly damaged, infected, or decayed teeth. From her office in Alpharetta, GA, Dr. Hanono offers both direct restorations and indirect restorations to rebuild a portion of your tooth or the entire tooth. With direct restorations, a dental material is applied directly to the teeth and shaped to correct cosmetic problems or oral health conditions. These options include bonding and tooth-colored fillings made from composite resin.

Indirect restorations, including dental bridges, involve making an impression or model of your mouth. Our skilled ceramists then use this model to design your new tooth structure, be it a partial crown, full-coverage crown, or a bridge. The tooth is fabricated in a lab and, once it is complete, Dr. Hanono confirms all looks and fits well. Then, the lab-made tooth material is bonded or cemented securely to prepared, natural tooth structure.

As a form of tooth replacement, conventional dental bridges require at least two crowns. There are many variations on dental bridges. The design that is best for you depends on your needs and preferences. However, the straightforward “three-unit” bridge generally includes:

  • The pontic, which is the replacement tooth
  • The crown to the left of the pontic
  • A second crown to the right of the pontic

The pontic is held in place and derives its support from the teeth on either side of it. These teeth are called abutments. To adequately anchor the replacement tooth, these abutments must be crowned. As with all crowns, each tooth to be crowned must be reduced. So, that way, the crowns fit over the natural tooth structure well. The pontic and crowns are made to your unique specifications. They are fused together as a single piece or unit. Once the bridge unit is complete and arrives at our office, you’ll return and Dr. Hanono will remove any temporary or provisional restorations. The crowns will then be cemented into place. With the crowns on the abutment teeth, the pontic in the middle effectively “bridges” or fills the space where a gap used to be.

Bridges can last for years with good oral care. We can discuss oral care products, such as interdental brushes and floss threaders, to help clean underneath the bridge. Some patients may also opt for bridges that are supported by dental implants placed in the jaw. We’re happy to discuss your options during a consultation. Call our office to schedule your appointment today.